Fowl Play?

Filming of a commercial has been put on hold as of today. Missing and feared stolen, Rex, the newest staff member here at eLiFILMS went missing from his enclosure this afternoon. Makarski - founder said his focus now is on seeing his missing feathered laborer returned back to the studio where filming of commercial with Rex has not yet been completed.

An Amber Alert has been released.

Rex, a blue and gold Hyacinth Macaw was last seen Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 1:15pm 

Breed: Hyacinth Macaw

Color: Blue, Gold

Sex: Male 

Age: 2

Could he be Anywhere? eLi sources say yes.

sLight NEWs

How does work get done at eLi Films?

After accepting an invitation to accompany the main faces of the group for a powwow, I have been pondering this question.

As a fellow dilly-dallier I am familiar with wasting time but I must say they do wonders with their spontaneity, improvisation and impulse. 


What does the future hold?

There are rumors of a secret project to be released this summer and a few great ideas are being tested before then. Unfortunately that is all I can say about that but you can bet that G-FAP is nearly completed and will be premiering no later than early spring. (But hopefully sooner!)

-Som Brero